Knot Gardens

13th August 2021

For many stitchers, if you mention French knots you may be met with all sorts of expressions from a grimace to an outright cry of ‘they’re not for me!’ While it’s true there are some who don’t enjoy French knots as much as others, we can all agree that when worked in the right shades and the right density, French knots can produce sheer magic.

Katrin Vates, a textile artist from Maryland, USA, uses French knots with true artistic skill. When you see the landscapes she produces, you have to do a double-take. They are so atmospheric and realistic it is easy to forget they have been produced primarily from that humble knot.

Finishing her works with a few other simple stitches, each piece is filled with colour and texture. It is amazing to learn that Katrin doesn’t even sketch beforehand – she simply allows her needle to guide her way.

Whether you love them or try to avoid them, there is no denying the beautiful results French knots can produce. You can read more about Katrin HERE  

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