Knitted Lifesize Friends

17th May 2019

Just sewn up that latest sweater and are looking for the next project to knit? How about casting on a neighbour? Liisa Hietanen, a Finnish textile artist, proves that there are no limits to what you can produce with needles, hook and yarn, as her knitted and crocheted sculptures demonstrate.

Tapio by Liisa Hietanen – (source)

Liisa is creating a series of yarn sculptures of real people from her village in Finland. During the slow process of creation, she is also getting to know her model and thus becoming closer to her neighbours in a way that modern life often disallows.

Anna by Liisa Hietanen (source)

“The slow handcraft techniques work as a counterforce to the accelerating pace in different areas of life.”

Just further evidence that handcrafts can bring people closer. To learn more about Liisa’s fascinating journey and her extraordinary knitted sculptures, check out her website HERE.

Weijo by Liisa Hietanen (source)

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