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25th June 2021

Mother-of-pearl is a material that has been used for centuries to make all manner of things, from knife handles to combs. Within the needlework world, we’ve been fortunate enough to have ready access to mother-of-pearl accessories, including thread winders and thread keeps.

Kelmscott Mother of Pearl Accessories

Kelmscott is the company that has specialised in mother-of-pearl embroidery accessories for years and we’ve stocked their products many times on our website. We have recently heard on the grapevine however, that mother-of-pearl is becoming very difficult and expensive to source, so we’re not sure how much longer these beautiful items are going to be available.

For today, the good news is we have just received stock of the butterfly shaped thread winder, which is a luxurious way to store a skein of thread after you’ve removed the label bands.

We also have the tulip thread keep which is perfect for sorting your threads and keeping them tidy whilst you’re working on a project. Both are made of mother-of-pearl and both will make a stunning addition to your kit bag.

Kelmscott doesn’t just produce mother-of-pearl accessories either. We also have their ‘Susan Scissors’ now available. Named after the famed designer, Susan B. Anderson, these beautifully made, tiny scissors are ideal for even the smallest etui or chatelaine. They come in elegant black with good sized finger loops to fit all hands.

As we’re not sure how long mother-of-pearl products will be available, if you are fond of these, we suggest you purchase your favourite ones sooner rather than later!

In the meantime if anyone out there knows another manufacturer for mother-of-pearl products, we’d love to hear from you.

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