Jumping Through Hoops

10th April 2020

With all of our talk about hoops and frames recently, we thought it was the perfect time to let you know that we now have a full range of Nurge hoops back in stock. 

Whether you are looking for a tiny, 4 inch, No. 1 hoop – just perfect for that stumpwork slip, or for a 12-inch No. 8 for that big project you’ve been itching to start, we’ve got them all.

Nurge hoops are manufactured to the highest standard, crafted from laminated beech timber and feature brass clasps with slotted and hexagonal tightening heads to ensure maximum tension.

Our hoops are 8mm in depth and are available in sizes 1 through to 8 inclusive.

So why not take the opportunity to grab one or two of these world class hoops, or better still, buy the whole set so that you’ll always have the right hoop for your project on hand.

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