Joyful Stitching

15th March 2019

Joyful Stitching is not just something we get to experince everytime we pick up our needle and thread, it’s also the name of a wonderfully fun and colourful new book by Laura Wasilowski.

After our editorial team fell in love with Joyful Stitching while reviewing it for Inspirations issue #101 (see page 15), we just had to stock it on our website so we could share it with all of you.

This book is a creative catalyst designed to inspire the reader to not only replicate the designs included, but to design their own pieces using free-form or improvisational stitching. It is the perfect companion to hold your hand while taking the first steps in experimenting with your own designs, patterns and textures.

Limited copies available, order today to avoid disappointment.

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Joyful Stitching

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