Jenny McWhinney Kits & Patterns

27th October 2023

Here’s something exciting – we have a limited number of highly sought-after, very hard to get kits from acclaimed Australian designer Jenny McWhinney.

Each kit includes instructions, pattern sheet or pre-printed design, and all the materials you need to either finish an embroidered panel (these kits are called a Stitchery Kit), or some kits also included everything you need for the construction as well.

We only have a few kits for each design available, which means, depending on when you read this newsletter and click the link below, there is a high chance the kits will have sold out.

Now, before everyone gets upset, there is a reason these kits are highly sought-after and it’s not just because the designs are so cute! At present Jenny McWhinney kits are in very limited supply so we’ve only been able to secure a very small quantity for sale… for now anyway.

For those lucky enough to get in quick and purchase the kits, enjoy! For everyone else… stay tuned to this newsletter for more Jenny McWhinney updates as they come to hand and hopefully we can bring you some more kits soon. 


Jenny McWhinney Kits

Jenny McWhinney Patterns

Without doubt one of the most popular designers to ever grace the pages of Inspirations magazine is Jenny McWhinney. It has been our great privilege to publish over 40 of Jenny’s designs dating right back to when she first appeared in the magazine with her blanket Bunny Love in issue #23.

Since then, Jenny has gone on to create some of the most stitched projects we’ve ever featured including her Adventures of Monet the Mouse books, the Lovable Bears series and Arabian Nights to name but just a few.

If you are new to Jenny’s magical world of stitched characters, you’ve just hit the jackpot – her work is a treasure trove of needlework joy.

With 35 of her projects available as digital patterns and all three Monet books available as both digital and printed patterns, you have a whole world of stitched wonder to explore.

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