Jenny Adin-Christie the Shepherdess?

4th March 2022

Many of you know of Jenny Adin-Christie, who produces stunning needlework designs filled with delicate and exquisite detail. We can all imagine Jenny seated with a needle in hand, carefully deciding where to add the next stitch. But herding sheep?

Never fear, Jenny hasn’t decided to make a career change. Instead, she’s just been granted the Freedom of the City of London, which is the next stage in her becoming a Broderer of the Worshipful Company of Broderers. 

This is an honour that has been bestowed on the finest needleworkers since the Middle Ages, so Jenny follows in a long line of master embroiderers.

If you’re wondering where the sheep come into it, it’s related to one of the privileges granted to her new title. Jenny explains:

‘I can now herd sheep over London Bridge and I can't wait! I always wanted to be a shepherdess as a child!’

Obviously, this is a historic privilege that may not be so practical in 2022, unless the sheep can find a way to navigate the cars, buses and taxis that now take up most of the space on that famous monument!

If you would like to read more about Jenny’s new honour, you can view the post HERE or follow her on Instagram.

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