Ivy by Margaret Light

20th May 2022

‘A pincushion needs to be practical as well as decorative.’ These are the words that Margaret Light shared with us when she was asked about Ivy, her stunning pincushion from The Design Collective | Pincushions. With this directive in mind, she set about creating a project that could usefully hold pins but was still absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Margaret Light’s crewel embroidery designs are unfailingly beautiful whether they are large and complex or small and delicate like Ivy.

She selects the perfect botanic subjects and then stitches them with skill, capturing the colour and shading of the subject in an unrivalled way.

Margaret selected the common ivy as the main feature for this project, but in Margaret’s style, it was always going to be something special. Rather than just showing the leaves she sought to include the entire life cycle of this well-known plant in a tiny, delicate space.

Ivy is a square pincushion with a perfectly round space in the middle to place your pins. Surrounding this area is the ivy. The deep green of the leaves and stems stand proud, but also on show are the blossoms that are often overlooked when this plant grows in abundance, as well as the deep purple fruit hanging in clusters from the vine.

The design of Ivy shows perfect symmetry that is both pleasing to the eye and offers beautiful balance to the entire piece. Two of the corners are filled with tiny flowers and buds whilst the other two shelter sprigs of berries.

The whole piece is then delicately quilted, and this can be seen to perfection in the centre circle that is outlined in decorative French knots.

Like all of the projects in this book, you will get as much pleasure in the construction as you do in the stitching. The elegantly square shape of Ivy results in a sturdy pincushion that will look gorgeous in any sewing room.

Sometimes you stitch for the sheer beauty of the project; other times because you want the practical use out of the finished piece. With Ivy you get to enjoy both.

Make Your Own Ivy

Step 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

Ivy by Margaret Light is a beautiful square pincushion featuring trailing stems of ivy with flowers and berries.

Printed Books

The Design Collective – Pincushions

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kit for Ivy includes everything* you need to re-create this stunning pincushion: Fabric (unprinted), wool felt, wadding, template plastic, white sewing thread, embroidery threads and needles.


Ivy – TDCP Kit

*Please Note: To cater for flexibility of purchase, instructions are not included with our kits. For step-by-step directions on how to create this project, please refer to the book.

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