Inspirations Magazine Issue #102 Update

29th March 2019

Guess what? Its nearly time for the next issue of Inspirations Magazine to be released! Issue #102 is now officially on its way to subscribers and depending on how much favour you have with the global postal Gods, your copy could arrive any day.

Now we did ask the production team for a copy of the cover to show y’all and they said no. So, we threw a giant hissy fit and jumped up and down all around the office in protest. They still said no. But it wasn’t all in vain, as they did agree to give us some behind the scene pics from one of the photo shoots for #102.

What can you look forward to seeing in issue #102? Snails, butterflies, chipmunks, birds and lots more. No, this is not the Noah’s Ark edition, but there was plenty of animal wrangling required!

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