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26th October 2018

Time is a gift. Yet in the immediacy of the here and now, it’s all too easy to take it for granted. It’s not until a major event takes place that we suddenly realise the significance of time, as we look back with either regret as to what could have been, or rejoice in all that has been.

Today we are most definitely rejoicing in all that has been, and all that is yet to come, as we celebrate 100 issues of Inspirations Magazine.

25 years of time very well spent and an achievement for all those involved to be extremely proud of. And when we say ‘all involved’ that means all of you reading this – Inspirations is not an island, it’s a lighthouse on the shore of the wonderful world that is needlework. Our community creates the beauty and we light it up to show it off for the world to see.

It all began back in 1985 when Margie Bauer started a mail order business called Country Bumpkin from her small country town in rural South Australia. From there the business blossomed into a needlework powerhouse publishing books and magazines, hosting events, adding online shopping and even operating retail stores at times along the way.

Inspirations supplements issue 1 to 3

In 1992 a supplement called ‘Inspirations’ was included in the Australian Smocking & Embroidery Magazine and after three issues, the supplement was such a success it was spun off into its own publication and in 1993 the very first issue of Inspirations Magazine was released. The rest is the stuff of needlework legend.

So how does one aptly celebrate 100 issues of the world’s most beautiful needlework magazine? With the world’s most beautiful needlework of course!

Issue 100 really has been 25 years in the making, and throughout we feature projects from designers that have helped shape the future of needlework along the way.

Carolyn Pearce delights with one of her trademark elegant blankets in Blue Ribbon, Trish Burr draws inspiration from Redouté with her striking threadpainted tulips, a Swallowtail butterfly leaps off the page in Jane Nicholas’ stumpwork masterpiece and Jenny Adin-Christie keeps it traditional with a timeless whitework button brooch.

Hazel Blomkamp brings personality plus with Clive the Chameleon, Anna Scott combines silk and goldwork in her beautiful Pomegranate & Rose, Jenny McWhinney brings her hugely popular Monet Mouse back for a brand-new adventure and Julie Kniedl’s Mistletoe Bell stuns on the front cover.

Then there’s one of Inspirations most celebrated designers, Susan O’Connor. Her projects have graced the pages of the magazine ever since issue #1, with over 55 designs featured. Her brand-new project Peas and English Daisies has been released exclusively as a digital pattern which you can purchase HERE, or as a special gift for readers of issue #100, use the code on page 13 and download it for FREE.

Peas and English Daisies by Susan O’Connor

We also pay tribute to our Foundation Members who have supported the magazine from the very beginning and have all 100 issues. In gratitude for their commitment and support, we have printed their names in issue 100 and added them to our online honour roll which you can check out HERE.

With so many surprises from issue #100 to unpack over the coming weeks, we’re getting started right now with a little something that is very close to our hearts:

Many of you will be familiar with Fiona Fagan who has played a pivotal role in the success of Inspirations over the years.

Fiona’s contribution during her tenure as stylist, creative director and managing director is one of the main reasons we’re still around today to celebrate 100 issues.

We were thrilled therefore, to have Fiona’s daughter Adeline play a starring role in the photos for the project ‘Monet, Hugo et les Poissons d’Or’ (‘Monet, Hugo and the Golden Fish’) in issue #100.

Friends and family aware of Fiona’s remarkable journey to have Adeline, will appreciate the significance of her appearing in this celebratory issue.

After all the grit, determination and passion Fiona and her family have contributed in helping to preserve and promote Inspirations over the years, it was a perfect tribute for the next generation of the Fagan family to grace the pages of #100.

Issue #100 – Out Now!

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #100 are now available to purchase from our website for delivery to your door anywhere in the world.

Inspirations Issue 100

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