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23rd September 2022

Technology has a plethora of benefits and drawbacks, both in equal measure. From the highs of a plethora of data at our finger tips and global communication at the stroke of a keyboard, to the laziness of being strapped in our chairs and the isolation of staring at our screens, it’s all a double-edged sword.

So, let’s tilt the scales in our favour and make finding your next needlework project as easy as possible so we can then put down our screens and enjoy the serenity and satisfaction of producing beauty with our needle and threads.

The new PDF edition of the Inspirations Index 1-115 might just be your new best friend.

It’s a PDF file you purchase and download that contains a directory of every project ever published in an issue of Inspirations magazine from issue 1 through to issue 115.

You open the PDF on your device and can search for anything you can think of that you might want to stitch.

A bunny, a bee, a bag, booties, a blanket, a bookmark, a brooch – and that’s just a few things starting with B! 

With over 1,000 projects to search through by type, name, technique or designer, plus a guide to which issue has the step-by-steps instructions for a particular stitch you need to look up – the options are endless.

Now just a reminder this PDF file is an index, not the projects or the issues of the magazines themselves. Rather it’s an incredibly useful and powerful search tool to use on your device.

Switch the script, use the power of technology for good and find your next stitching project easier than ever before.

Inspirations Index Issues 1-115

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