Inspirations Calendar | September Project

30th August 2019

Bee’s are a hot topic of discussion right now as their numbers globally have diminished significantly in recent years. Where perhaps we once only thought of bees as something to avoid for fear of being stung, now there is a whole movement to save and replenish them due to the vital role they play in our food chain.

It’s very fitting then, that our September project in the Inspirations 2019 calendar celebrates these wonderful insects with the magnificent project Honey Bee by Alison Cole from Inspirations issue #90.

The opulent technique of goldwork is the perfect choice to bring the industrious honey bee to life with a selection of metal threads and kid leather to create a lavishly textured surface.

Stitched onto a contrasting background of lustrous black satin, this popular motif is a perfect introduction to this wonderful embroidery technique, with the project now available as a digital pattern.

Digital Patterns

Honey Bee – i90 Digital

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