Inspirations Calendar – November Project

2nd November 2018

Looking ahead at your upcoming appointments for November, do you have anything booked in that relates to beetles? No? Nothing at all?! That’s probably because unless you’ve booked a pest exterminator, most of us prefer to avoid anything to do with beetles! That is unless you’re Jane Nicholas…

Jane would love to have her month of November filled with appointments learning everything to do with beetles and more. In fact, Jane’s fascination with the world of entomology has given rise to some of the most exquisite needlework projects we’ve ever seen, as is evident with ‘Beetlemania’ the November project featured in the Inspirations 2018 calendar.

This stunning goldwork version of the diving beetle from Inspirations issue #88 is so spectacular, it really makes all of us re-think our position on bugs. So, whether you need to cancel the beetle exterminator, book in some lessons on the beauty of bugs, or stitch your own goldwork diving beetle, this November let’s be like Jane and show the beetles some love!

Digital Patterns


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