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29th October 2021

The red currant is a tiny fruit that is native to Europe and grows wild in many places. It has a tart flavour and is often made into a jam or jelly that is traditionally served with roasted meat.

But perhaps more importantly, their rich red colouring and perfect, shiny roundness makes them an aesthetically beautiful fruit on top of all of their nutritional and gustatory benefits.

Julie Kniedl’s gorgeous 3-dimensional Red Currants is worked in fine wool threads, with wooden beads and wire as the base for this spectacular stem of vibrant red currants. The shining red berries are complemented by fresh green leaves and all of it is mounted on a brown stem that is so realistic, it may have just been plucked off of the nearest bush.

You might not be able to enjoy the flavour from this sprig of berries, but the beauty of Julie Kniedl’s Red Currants is that you’ll be able to experience the pleasure of their wonderful appearance all year round.

Digital Patterns

Red Currants – APFN2 Digital

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