Inspirations Calendar | November Project

30th October 2020

When visiting a museum of natural history, many of us are fascinated by the exhibits of butterflies, pinned for eternity into glass covered display boxes. Many seem like they might take off, the brilliant colours of their wings flashing in the light. Butterflies are objects of natural beauty which are so fragile and yet so glorious, it is little wonder we want to preserve them to admire.

Luckily, as embroiderers we don’t need to capture live specimens. Using needle and thread, we can easily recreate the magic of the lepidopteran world, and the November project featured in the Inspirations calendar is the perfect place to start.

Papillon, designed by Rosemary Frezza, appeared way back in Inspirations issue #26. This exquisite stumpwork piece features six gloriously coloured butterflies resting proudly on a pure silk background, their wings splayed for maximum effect. So lifelike are the butterflies in this design, one can easily see this project right at home in a museum.

Papillon is worked in shimmering rayon and metallic thread, highlighted with glass beads and carefully stitched for maximum realism. Capture your very own Victorian butterfly display without a single insect being harmed, by stitching this unique and magnificent project.

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