Inspirations Calendar | November Project

1st November 2019

A recent study into gardening revealed that people are most likely to engage in horticulture at the point when flowers are present. Which makes sense when you consider most of us are drawn into any pursuit when the wonder and beauty of the floral world abounds.

And so it is with ‘Elizabethan Botanicals’, featured as the November pin up project in the Inspirations Calendar.

This stunning threadpainted and stumpwork piece, by Susan O’Connor from Inspirations issue #52, is inspired by the Elizabethan era, a period when the pursuit of opulent, magnificent floral embroidery was legendary.

‘Elizabethan Botanicals’ is one of the most popular projects to feature in Inspirations over the years and is available to purchase as a digital pattern.

Digital Patterns

Elizabethan Botanicals

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