Inspirations Calendar | May Project

1st May 2020

If you live in the northern hemisphere hopefully by now spring has pushed up through the barren winter ground and the trees and flowers are exploding with colour, beauty and life. So, what better time to turn the page of the Inspirations calendar and reveal the project for May – a perfect affirmation of spring. 

Julie Kniedl’s gorgeous three-dimensional white magnolia from Inspirations issue #99 embodies everything that nature produces during this time of growth and rebirth.

Cleverly fashioned from wool and silk threads, silk ribbon and fine wires, the flower is constructed on a small, found branch ensuring that nature and embroidery become one.

Now is the perfect time to recreate the magic of spring. While you stitch, the world will join you in its display. Then when winter comes around again, you’ll always have this reminder of the warmer days which will surely come again.

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