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28th May 2021

As the days get shorter at Inspirations HQ and we start heading towards winter, one thing we are noticing is the change of produce available to buy in the shops. Gone are the summer fruits, to be replaced by an array of apples in various colours and shapes. Their availability makes us think of cold nights, hot apple crumble and golden cider.

Thankfully apples are one of those versatile fruits that you can usually get at most times of the year. Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy, crunchy apple ice cold from the fridge on a hot day, or piping hot out of the oven, baked with cinnamon and brown sugar? Or best of all, stitched in wool threads and nestled in a bowl, guaranteed to remain ruby red for ever?

That’s what this month’s calendar project lets you do. Julie Kneidl’s ‘An Apple a Day’ from Inspirations issue #103 is a wonderful three-dimensional embroidery project that permanently captures the glorious colours and shape of the humble apple. The colour and texture of the fruit is achieved by long and short stitch worked using an array of autumnal colours over a felt and fibre-fill base.

But why stop at just one? If you make a bowlful of embroidered apples, you can fill your kitchen with cheer whilst being able to keep your real apples and eat them too. What more could you ask for?

Digital Patterns

An Apple a Day – i103 Digital


An Apple a Day – i103 Kit

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