Inspirations Calendar – July Project

29th June 2018

For better or worse, here we are… officially half way through 2018. There’s no going back now! Whether you are well pleased with how your year is progressing, or you’re in denial about yet another year being half over, the Inspirations Calendar has some hidden delights for you.

‘Hidden Delights’ by Deborah Love from Inspirations #93 is an enchanting Schwalm embroidery featuring a songbird framed by a heart. One of the hidden delights in the project itself is the cute little songbird sitting inside the heart. There is also another hidden delight which only appears on the July page of our 2018 calendar… some say it’s not so hidden, but we somehow missed it – we printed the wrong year!

We’re calling it a hidden delight as in a way it makes you feel a whole year younger, that said we do apologise for the error and hope you can please forgive us!

One thing is for sure though, regardless of what year it is, the project Hidden Delights makes for a beautiful image to have on your wall, and even more beautiful to behold in real life with the digital pattern now available for purchase from our website.

Digital Patterns

Hidden Delights

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