Inspirations Calendar | July Project

28th June 2024

On Monday it’s time to turn the page on your Inspirations wall calendar.

Here is what you can look forward to:

Project: Perfect Match
Publication: A Passion for Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford
Designer: Fumie Suzuki

Japanese designer Fumie Suzuki has created a beautiful and elegant design by pairing two traditional techniques, Schwalm and Reticella.

Fittingly named Perfect Match, this piece uses a subtle palette of white and ecru to celebrate the wonderful textures and intricacies of lacy cutwork and withdrawn thread embroidery.

Today, for the first time, Perfect Match is being released as a digital pattern.

For those who prefer print, the book Perfect Match appears in, A Passion for Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford, is also available.

Digital Patterns

Perfect Match – APFN4 Digital

Printed Books

A Passion for Needlework 4 | The Whitehouse Daylesford

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