Inspirations Calendar | July Project

24th June 2022

What a bright and beautiful creature we are met with when we turn the page on the Inspirations 2022 calendar to July! Perching, bold and colourful, on a twig is Renette Kumm’s Coquette, a stunning threadpainted bird that was featured in Inspirations issue #106.

The tufted coquette is a tiny hummingbird that is native to South America. It has feathers in almost every colour of the rainbow, which makes it stand out brilliantly considering the bird it is a mere 7cm (2 ¾”) in length! 

Renette has zoomed in on this gorgeous creature so you can really appreciate the colours and expression on the face. The careful details, achieved through the combination of stitch direction and exquisite shading, are breathtaking. He’s a pleasure to stitch and an even greater pleasure to admire afterwards.

July may be the height of summer or the depths of winter, but whichever one it is for you, bring some colour and brightness into your room with Coquette.

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Inspirations Issue 106 – Digital

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Coquette – i106 Digital

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