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16th December 2022

Yes, it feels like we’re rushing ahead by talking about January when we haven’t even had Christmas yet, but as this is the last time we’ll be together until the 20th of January, we wanted to have a quick chat about the exciting project that awaits in your Inspirations 2023 wall calendar.

Bristol Bag Etui by Betsy Morgan from her book Willing Hands 2 is a stunning red and white linen bag etui.

We love this image because, while there is so much complexity in all the stitched elements and different shapes of the etui accessories, there is also a beautiful simplicity thanks to the crisp red against the stark white.

Lovely to behold, lovely to stitch! And a nice way to bring in the new year.

Digital Patterns

Bristol Bag Etui – WH2 Digital

Printed Books

Willing Hands 2

Don’t have your 2023 Inspirations Calendar yet?

We can’t promise there will be any left by the time you click on the link below, but if it doesn’t say SOLD OUT, you should quickly order one!


Inspirations Calendar 2023

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