Inspirations Calendar – August Project

3rd August 2018

August hasn’t always been August. The ancient Roman calendar comprised of only 10 months to mark one year, so back then August was the sixth month of the year and accordingly named Sextilis in Latin. Over time, 10 months become 12 then with the introduction of the Julian calendar in 45BC, Sextilis was renamed to honour Augustus Caesar who had several significant events in his rise to power occur in this month.

The name stuck and over two thousand years later, while today we use the Gregorian calendar, August is still August… until now!

According to the Inspirations 2018 Calendar, August could be renamed ‘Carolyn’ to celebrate Carolyn Pearce’s prolific contribution to needlework.

‘Violette’ by Carolyn Pearce – Inspirations #81

Several of Carolyn’s designs have become bestselling books including ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘The Embroidered Patchwork Bear’ plus, more than 35 of her projects have featured in Inspirations Magazine over the years.

So why not celebrate the month of ‘Carolyn’ by stitching one of her fabulous projects. With so many to choose from, including ‘Violette’ as featured in the 2018 calendar, you’re sure to find something that will truly make the world more beautiful.

August Project – Violette

Three sweet needlework accessories by Carolyn Pearce embroidered with dainty violets.

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Carolyn Pearce Digital Patterns

Discover more projects by Carolyn Pearce now available as digital patterns.


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