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26th March 2021

Although only native to certain parts of the world, the tiny hummingbird is a creature everyone is familiar with. Perhaps it is because of its diminutive size; maybe it’s because of its amazing ability to flap its wings faster than the eye can see; or it could be the exquisite colouring.

For many reasons, hummingbirds capture the imagination in a way not many other birds do.

The glorious green and blue hummingbird designed by Trish Burr is the project featured for the month of April in the Inspirations Calendar.

First appearing in Inspirations issue #105, like all of Trish’s projects, this one was incredibly popular. The range of colours required to complete the project was dazzling, and the personality of the main subject shone through.

Worked in Trish’s characteristic threadpainting technique, Hummingbird & Flower will provide hours of stitching pleasure. The finished piece doesn’t just benefit from the gorgeous combinations of colours, but the dramatic dark outlines really highlight the design. It is definitely a stitched masterpiece and will take pride of place in any room, no matter the month of year.

Digital Patterns

Hummingbird & Flower – i105 Digital

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Inspirations Issue 105

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