Inspirations Calendar | April Project

27th March 2020

You would be forgiven for thinking that the calendar project for April had just cheekily emerged from a meadow of spring flowers. Clive is Hazel Blomkamp’s chameleon, featured in Inspirations issue #100, festooned with beaded flowers and bursting with character. His expression speaks of mischief while his colouring and floral camouflage are pure opulence.

Clive’s skin is worked with subtle surface embroidery in shades of chartreuse, soft blue, peach and strawberry pinks. His sinuous shape is highlighted with curving lines and he’s covered from head to tail in spectacular flowers created entirely from beads.

Chameleons are known for their uncanny ability to camouflage themselves, so it is clear that Clive has been cavorting in flowers before settling on a branch, curling his tail around and fixing you in his sights.

Using Hazel’s signature style, filled with exquisite detail and unique stitch combinations, Clive the Chameleon is one of those projects that is simply crying out to be completed.

You can admire this month’s photograph, but you’re sure to adore the actual project which sparkles and shines in a way that no camera can truly capture.

Digital Patterns

Clive the Chameleon

Printed Patterns

Clive the Chameleon – i100 Print

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