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12th April 2024

Inspirations magazine is a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Some of you reading this newsletter have a complete collection of all 121 magazines released to date, including issue #01 that is 31 years old this year. To you, Inspirations is like a close friend who is always by your side throughout all of life’s triumphs and tribulations.

To others, Inspirations lives up to its name with every page bursting with creativity to help new ideas crackle and spark to life.

Then there are those who religiously follow a quarterly ‘Inspirations magazine arrival day’ ritual and spend their time slowly and carefully admiring all that the world’s most beautiful needlework has to offer, perhaps without even their needles or threads in sight.

One experience we do know of that is common for all of us, is a wonderful feeling of ‘all things bright and beautiful’ whenever a new issue of the magazine is released. 

And that’s exactly what issue #122 is called – Bright & Beautiful.

The cover says it all, featuring the stunning project Papilio Zalmoxis by Martina Frank, a three-dimensional swallowtail butterfly. It’s every bit bright and beautiful.

Inside you’ll find another seven projects, of which we’ll let you decide which ones are bright or beautiful, including:

Forest Fungi by Denise Mackey | Toadstools reach skyward as they rise above the leaves of the forest floor.

Tulip & Sunflowers by Luzine Happel | Linen hand towel embellished with classic motifs in Schwalm embroidery.

Strawberry Delight by Mary Jo Hiney | Strawberry pincushion and scissor fob.

Meadowsong by Deborah Love | Sachet showcasing Mountmellick embroidery.

Bon Voyage by Gail Doane | Versatile needlework tote storage for stitching tools, project and supplies.

Ribbons & Roses by Taetia McEwen | Softly coloured floral wreath with textural elements.

Richelieu Butterfly by Joanna Jakuszewska | A graceful butterfly created in traditional Richelieu embroidery.

Four feature articles, book reviews and our regular Loose Threads editorial by Ansie van der Walt also await as you enjoy every moment of all things bright & beautiful in issue #122.

Arrival of magazine subscriber copies is imminent, if you haven’t received your copy already, and single-issue copies can now be purchased using the link below. Enjoy!

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Inspirations Issue 122

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