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14th April 2023

Your favourite day of the year may be Christmas, maybe your birthday, or perhaps your wedding anniversary. We consider ourselves lucky here at Inspirations as our favourite day rolls around four times a year. We’re of course referring to Inspirations Magazine release day!

Our incredible team has once again poured their heart and soul into Inspirations #118, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve curated especially for you.

Titled Flight of Fancy, this issue promises to soar above expectations, featuring a host of gorgeous flora and fauna projects plus articles on authentic storytelling through embroidery and a new art of semi-embroidered photographs. Let’s dig in!

Featured on the front cover is Victoria Matthewson’s exquisite Buttercup & Thick-Legged Flower Beetle, and this striking piece instantly grabs your attention for more than just the outstanding embroidery.

Victoria’s piece features in a series designed to shed light on the devastating decrease in pollinating insects over recent years. The beautiful project and the story behind it are both featured in this issue.

Continuing with the fauna-themed projects, Betsy Morgan and Laurence Lieblich grace this issue with two stunning pieces inspired by wildlife. Respectively, Elizabethan Butterfly and Burst of Colour both pay homage to delightful flying insects in their own intricate and colourful way.

Moving onto flora, Denise Mackey’s exquisite Australian Sturt’s Desert Pea is simply eye-catching. Also using floral blooms as a muse, Secret Garden by Margaret Light and Golden Lilies by Di Kirchner are beautifully embroidered representations of our natural world.

We feature two final flora-inspired projects with Christine P. Bishop’s Grand Tour featuring withdrawn and pulled thread and Ana Mallah’s Elysium stitched in whitework, both creating a timeless and subtle ode to the beautiful world of nature around us.

And just in case that exquisite collection of projects wasn’t enough to blow your socks off, once again the amazing Ansie van der Walt has found some of the best needlework stories from around the world for your reading delight.

Criminal Quilts details Ruth Singer’s fascinating and unique quilting project, inspired by and featuring a series of photographs of female prisoners from the 18th century.

In Translation recounts the incredible life of Ger Xiong, a member of the displaced Hmong community, who has turned to a unique combination of embroidery and vintage materials to tell his story.

Snapshot features a unique way to mix photography with needlework, as photographer Diane Meyer takes vintage photos and conceals a portion of them with embroidery.

All that, and we haven’t even mentioned Ansie’s new Loose Threads article, ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ or our book reviews. If you’re not yet a subscriber, this is the perfect jam-packed issue to officially welcome you to our community! Simply click on the link below to secure your very own Inspirations #118.

Inspirations Issue 118

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