Inspirations #107 Out Now!

17th July 2020

When the world around us is chaotic, it is really important to find a moment of tranquillity. Giving yourself some space where you can meditate, regenerate and enjoy serenity is so important for our well-being.

And right now is the perfect time to enjoy the new issue of Inspirations magazine, filled with projects dedicated to your stitching serenity.

Little did we know that when we produced Inspirations issue #107 earlier this year, and gave it the title ‘Stitching Serenity’, how important that theme would become to us all just a few short few months later.

To begin your quest for serenity you might consider stitching Jo Butcher’s peaceful ‘Sea View’, a tiny yet perfect ocean landscape. Or meditate on the gentle colour changes in Catherine Laurençon’s exquisite blooms. Renette Kumm has designed the perfect tote, adorned with colourful succulents, just right for carrying your stitching and a book to your favourite, peaceful place.

Inspirations issue #107 also features a traditional candle screen decorated with an intricately designed bird by Hazel Blomkamp. What could be more relaxing than being in a cosy room glowing with candlelight? Add to it Anna Scott’s beautiful crewel cushion ‘Sweet Repose’ for additional comfort, and then further illuminate your space with the delightful, whimsical creatures dancing around Taetia McEwen’s ‘Sunbeams’ lampshade.

Serenity is also achieved through meditation, and Maria Rita Faleri’s project ‘Caterina’, worked in the unique but simple Catherine de Medici stitch, is ideal for achieving that state. Finally, capture the tranquillity of the garden by stitching Fiona Hibbett’s floral heart design ‘Tranquil Thoughts’ bursting with pansies and an adorable fluffy bumble bee.

Set aside an hour or two, find that serene space just for you and let the noise and chaos of the world subside as you take in all the serenity of this new issue of Inspirations.

There is nothing quite like the sublime pleasure of choosing which beautiful project you will stitch next.

Inspirations issue #107 is out now.

Inspirations Issue 107

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