In a Country Garden by Lorna Bateman

15th September 2023

There is always something alluring about a country garden. If we were to ask everyone to share some words to describe their idea of a country garden, it might be wide open spaces, vast acres of lush green lawn, neatly trimmed hedges and maybe even an orchard or two of beautiful fresh fruit.

Then there would be talk about perhaps the most important element, garden beds bursting with every type of vibrant flower imaginable, overflowing with colour and beauty. 

When it comes to country gardens, Lorna Bateman is somewhat of an authority. She has planted so many of them, that if she was a horticulturist, she would be one of the most experienced on the planet.

Lorna’s even written a whole book about Country Gardens… the only catch of course is that all her gardens are stitched!

Not only is Lorna one of the most prolific stitchers of country gardens, she also has an instantly recognisable, iconic style.

Within each garden Lorna has created, you’re bound to find her trademark French knot petals, bullion knot roses and a blanket stitch pinwheel petunia thrown in for good measure!

This week we’re bringing you Lorna’s latest project simply named In a Country Garden which has been released as part of our Handpicked collection. 

Here, our master-gardener Lorna, has planted a series of gorgeous garlands blooming with roses, daisies, petunias and forget-me-knots arranged perfectly in a heart-shaped formation to adorn a scissor sheath, scissor stand and needle minder.

Soft pastels abound with an artful selection of thread colours that incorporate pale lavender, blush, cornflower blue and dusky rose just to name a few.

Asserting her authority as the master stitcher of gardens that she is, Lorna’s floral bouquets have even attracted the oh-so-vital chief pollinator himself. Look closely at each heart garland and you’ll see a band of bees buzzing around, hard at work keeping everything in harmony with nature.

In a Country Garden is one of those wonderful, timeless projects that exudes so much about what embroidery symbolises for so many.

Six classic surface embroidery techniques worked in cotton on natural fabric to create a series of needlework tools. It’s just one of those pretty, practical and perfect projects for anyone who has a passion for stitch.

PS – The Ready-To-Stitch kit for this project is a great way to re-create this design as not only does the kit include a printed booklet for the instructions, it also includes a magnet for the needle minder and even comes with the same wooden spool used for the scissor stand as shown in the photography, along with everything required to complete all three accessories.

Make Your Own | In a Country Garden

Option 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

In a Country Garden by Lorna Bateman is trio of scissor sheath, needle minder and scissor stand sprinkled with dainty flowers.

Printed Patterns

In a Country Garden – HP Print

Digital Patterns

In a Country Garden – HP Digital

Option 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit with Printed Pattern Included

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kit for In a Country Garden includes everything you need to re-create this charming trio: Fabrics (unprinted), wool felt, wooden spool, wadding, template plastic, firm card, buttons, magnets, sewing thread, embroidery threads, needles and printed instructions.


In a Country Garden – HP Kit

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