House of Embroidery Thread Boxes

9th April 2021

As needlework enthusiasts, most of us are familiar with the usual brands of embroidery threads that are available almost everywhere. Indeed, almost every embroiderer will have used at least one of the major brands and will know their colours.

However, the major brands only represent one section of the overall range of threads available to us. There are in fact plenty of smaller manufacturers and dyers who produce glorious threads but aren’t as well known.

One such company is House of Embroidery. Based in South Africa, they have been producing stunning ranges of hand-dyed variegated threads since 1995. But beautiful threads are only a part of what makes this company unique.

Since their inception they have sought to employ mainly women, many of whom had no employment prior to starting with the company, and are the primary breadwinners in their families.

Their entire production ethos is underpinned by their wish to help their local community.

This, of course, makes buying their threads even more satisfying, and this week we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of House of Embroidery threads to our online store.

Having featured in numerous designs published in both our magazine and books, we now have a range of House of Embroidery Thread Boxes for purchase including: Spring; Seven Seas; Sunset; Summer and Green.

L- Summer Collection C- Green Collection R- Spring Collection

Inside each box you will find 10 perfectly colour coordinated variegated stranded cotton threads, with 5m of thread per card.

L- Seven Seas Collection R- Sunset Collection

These stunning hand-dyed cotton threads are colourfast, light-fast, gorgeous to work with and suitable for all types of embroidery projects. Click below to order your favourite colour thread box today.

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