22nd March 2019

hospitality | hɒspɪˈtalɪti
the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers

Have you ever stopped and thought about the hospitality that a shared love of needle and thread offers?!

Some of the team from Inspirations recently spent a few days interstate visiting several people who spend not only their leisure time, but also much of their professional lives, with needle and thread. At the end of each visit we were once again reminded about the hospitality that comes to pass as we share our love of all things needle and thread inspired.

It’s the warm welcome you receive as you walk into a store that sells the tools of our trade. The generosity of time you find yourself surrounded by as you appreciate pieces that have been stitched with love and care, designed to inspire you to pick up needle and thread for the first time or extend the skills you’re still developing. The friendly advice so easily offered as you ask for assistance and the camaraderie that’s found in stitching alongside others as deep friendships and true community form. It’s all this and so much more! An encouraging word, a listening ear, a passion shared…

Hospitality is the simple process of opening ourselves and welcoming others into what we have. Who can you welcome into your needlework today?

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