Hope vs Work

20th March 2020

Have you ever found yourself doing a little blue sky dreaming? I’m sure we all have at one time or another.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, in fact there are times our most illuminated ideas come when we lose ourselves in thought, there are also times we seem to forget that the blue sky dreaming won’t actually get us to where we’re hoping to go. 

In fact, I think we’d all be a little shocked if we were to add up the number of hours we’ve spent thinking, researching and procrastinating about certain things, especially when we realise what would have been achieved if those hours had been spent working on it instead!

It’s not the thinking and hoping that will get us there, but the associated work is what will take us from where we are to where we want to go.

We were reminded of this recently when we saw a quote posted by Grit & Virtue…

‘Never hope for it more than you work for it.’

— ~ Sonya Teclai ~

If truth be told, we’ve probably all been a little guilty of hoping more than we’re working in at least one area of our lives and our stitching is no exception!

If you’ve found yourself blue sky dreaming about a challenging new stitch or technique, a bucket list project you’re not yet confident you’ll complete or a needlework adventure that’s been beckoning for some time, but are yet to take needle and thread to fabric, what are you waiting for?! 

Today is the day to stop hoping and start working your way, even if it starts with just one baby step, toward where you want to be. We can’t wait to see where your work takes you!

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