Honouring Remembrance Day | In Flanders Fields Kits

6th November 2020

The symbol of the poppy, representing the flowers that grew across Belgium and France in the wake of the devastation of World War I, has become the universal symbol of Remembrance Day and is as poignant today as it was early in the twentieth century.

In honour of Remembrance Day, we’ve brought back one of our most popular and relevant projects.

‘In Flanders Fields’ by Jo Butcher first appeared in Inspirations issue #99 and has been requested over and over since then. The stunningly simple design worked on a subtly painted ground fabric, provides a sense of dignity and tranquillity which is perfectly suited to the subject and the moment.

We’re proud to be able to bring you this kit again, although in limited numbers, so that you can take the time while you stitch to remember all of those who sacrificed their lives in the past.

In Flanders Fields

Jo Butcher
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