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18th March 2022

It is still difficult to believe it was over 10 years ago that we first published Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home. Since then, the project has been stitched by hundreds of stitchers the world over.

Due to the popularity of our Home Sweet Home Ready-to-Stitch kits, they are currently all sold out. However, we do have some of the essential elements for sale to help you with your stitching of Home Sweet Home.

We have packs of card, laser cut precisely for the entire project. By purchasing your card pre-cut, you can be confident it is the exact size to ensure construction is a breeze. The pack includes all of the pieces required for the house itself, plus the internal tray and all of the accessories which require a firm card base.

Also available are packs of the gorgeous blue and white flower beads used on the walls of the cottage and a number of the accessories. Plus, we have the new 10th Anniversary edition fabric (Beautiful Basics Cotton – Scattered Dots) required for the project lining as well as the 28ct Permin Linen in Waterlily used for the cottage roof, both of  which you can purchase by the half-metre.

L- Beautiful Basics Scattered Dots | R- Permin Linen Waterlily

Ensure that you have everything you need when you start this iconic project by stocking up on all of your Home Sweet Home supplies today.

Home Sweet Home 10th Anniversary

Printed copies of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Home Sweet Home are still available. This new edition includes several new accessories as well as all of the instructions for the original project.

The photos have been optimised and a new introduction has been added to ensure that stitchers today will get as much pleasure out of Home Sweet Home as before.

This is an essential addition to your library and will likely go down in history as one of our most popular projects of all time.

Home Sweet Home | 10th Anniversary Edition

Carolyn Pearce
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