Holiday Souvenirs

12th July 2019

What’s your normal reaction when someone brings you a souvenir from their holiday? Happiness? Or are you wondering if they’ll notice it disappearing into the next charity donation? Well, how about Sam Barksy’s idea to knit his way around the world?

Sam Barksy in Washington with his knitted jumper (Instagram/Sam Barksy Source: Instagram)

Sam knits jumpers recording every destination he’s been to, and then posts himself wearing it online. His creations are colourful and always unique with Sam stating he never knits the same one twice.

Sam Barksy and his wife wearing matching creations (Instagram/Sam Barksy Source: Instagram)

Whatever you may think of his souvenir sweaters, there is no doubting this man’s talent and passion. How could a snow globe or fridge magnet ever compete?

You can read all about Sam’s knitting travels on the website HERE.

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