Heavy Metal Knitting 2022

19th August 2022

If placing the terms ‘heavy metal’ and ‘knitting’ together seem like a complete contradiction, then perhaps you missed our news article in All Stitched Up! issue #209 from 2019. In that article we introduced the Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship that ran for the first time that year in Finland.

2022 champions String Thing (photo by Irma Lehikoinen)

Fast forward three years, and despite the pandemic and various other global challenges, the 2022 Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship has just been held. 

This year, eight teams from around the world took to the stage where they combined their knitting skills with heavy metal tunes in a joyous fusion that is nothing if not unique!

This year, the overall winner was String Thing from the UK, however there was tough competition from the other UK team, Woolfumes and UniKorn from the USA.

Bunny Bandit (photo by Lasse Simonen)

It is worth watching the footage of the competition to see just how much fun the competitors are having. 

And who said that knitting was supposed to be a quiet hobby? You can read about this year’s competition and view the footage at NME and MSN or see their official website HERE. Enjoy!

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