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10th August 2018

We love it when the content published in our newsletter sparks conversation from the Inspirations Community! Read on to find out what our readers had to say in response to All Stitched Up! #147 (HERE)…

Roberta Kenney

Response to World of Needlework

‘Just a note about the twists in the plying of threads – depending on the thread, whether it is cotton, linen, silk, wool or manmade, the way light is reflected off your stitch can be affected by the twist and how you thread it into your needle. Not a whole lot is made of this nowadays, however years ago when I was studying surface work, this was something to be considered in designing a project and working it. The point being the necessity of being consistent in the direction chosen as you will get a very matt finish or less so depending on how the light is reflected.’

Lorna Wilson

Response to Feature Article

 ‘I read your article in the Inspirations Newsletter about Ghiordes stitch which was very informative. I sewed a goldwork picture of a thistle and used the stitch. I call it Turkey knot stitch. I used gold Coats Ophir and it worked very well making a fluffy end to the flower.’

Pat Taylor

Response to Have Your Say

After pointing Pat in the right direction for her upcoming trip to Bruges, we close this week’s ‘Have Your Say’ with a heartfelt thanks…

‘Dear Fellow Stitchers, thank you all so much for your suggestions on where to explore in Bruges for embroidery shops on our upcoming holiday. I’ve been overwhelmed by the generous information from fellow embroiders and likeminded people. It’s wonderful to know that a common thread ties us together across the world. Thank you again for your kind information and best wishes for our upcoming trip. Thank you also to Inspirations for making this information available to readers of this world-famous magazine. Regards, Pat Taylor.’

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