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31st July 2020

An Inspirational Response to ASU# 241

In our intro to All Stitched Up! issue #241 we talked about acknowledging those who inspired us to take up our needle and threads. In response, we received lots of inspirational emails from all of you doing just that – telling us who they are grateful for. 

The article helped remind us all of the importance to take time and reflect on the inspirational people we’ve come across in our lives and express our gratitude, even if it’s just quietly to ourselves while we meditate with our needles. Here are a few of the emails we received…

Janet Granger

‘We very rarely tell the people who have inspired us. There’s one person who I actually had the opportunity to tell, and I didn’t do it. I regret that now as the person has since died.

When I was 4 years old, I started embroidery. In my late twenties, I started a business, which I still run, selling dollhouse needlepoint embroidery kits. Embroidery has always been a big part of my life.’

Dollhouse Needlepoint Sampler by Janet Granger (source)

‘In the 1970s when I was in my early teens, there was a TV programme featuring Erica Wilson. At the time, she was famous for her crewel wool embroidery style.

Imagine, an embroidery programme on the TV! Not likely these days, especially here in the UK.

Erica really inspired me, and I made several of her designs from kits. She was so enthusiastic and made embroidery sound like such a fun thing to do.’

Erica Wilson starred in the needlework TV show ‘Erica’ (source)

‘Years later, at a trade show, I was stunned to see Erica Wilson herself walk up to my stand and start talking to my husband about placing an order for her shop. I was so gobsmacked I could hardly speak! I was also so pleased that she thought my kits were worth her stocking in her store.

After she’d gone, I said to my husband, ‘Do you know who THAT was?’, and when I explained, he said I should go after her and tell her how she had enthused me with her embroidery. However, I didn’t want to as I was afraid she would think I was daft! I do regret that now.’

Erica Wilson 1928 – 2011 (source)

Janet your story is a perfect example of how often we’re prevented from thanking someone by our own fears of what they might think. 

We know exactly that feeling of being ‘starstruck’ and worrying about seeming silly. It is tough at times to remember that even those who are so inspiring to us are still human, and for them to learn that they’ve been the inspiration for someone else can be a precious gift indeed.

Karen Olson

‘In response to who has been our own inspiration, for me it has to be Mary Corbet. Her frequent emails with her brilliant ideas on stitching have changed my creative life. 

She has taught me to use colours and new stitches in so many wonderful ways. Her ideas are endless, and her website has tutorials for every kind of stitching imaginable.’

That’s wonderful to hear Karen, all of us here at Inspirations are also huge fans of Mary and her website Needle ‘n Thread. There is no doubt she’s an amazing source of inspiration for many people.

Louise Post

‘I would like to share with you a saying that inspires me to reach out for more difficult challenges in embroidery:

‘Do not go where the path may lead…go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I read this on my wall every day and think of those who have been my teachers, those who have gone down a new path and left a trail for me and others to follow.’

They are powerful words Louise, thank you for sharing them with us. Living life with that mantra will no-doubt result in you becoming a positive influence on those around you.

Leanne Atkins

‘I have long held a love of all things unique and fine throughout my life, in particular beautiful needlework.’

Lacewing & Dogwood by Jane Nicholas from Inspirations issue #88

‘However, until I attended my first class on stumpwork with Jane Nicholas I never truly understood how inspirational one person can be, transforming a pleasure into a lifelong passion. 

Jane’s intimate knowledge and gentle manner in imparting her skill and love of her craft has remained with me all of my life.

Life happens and everyone’s wheel turns at different speeds, so a return to my own needlework has taken a longer time than I had hoped. But I can honestly say that her gentleness and patience in teaching me my first stitches has stayed with me throughout my own journey.’

Jane Nicholas at Beating Around the Bush

We agree with you completely Leanne, Jane is indeed a wonderful embroiderer, marvellous teacher and a source of inspiration for many. As a regular reader of this newsletter, we know she will be both thrilled and humbled to see your note.  

Isn’t it lovely to read all these stories of gratitude and inspiration? If you haven’t already, we encourage you to take a moment and reflect on those who have touched your life and love of needle and thread and maybe even be brave enough to send them a note of thanks.

Just before we wrap up ‘Have Your Say’ for this week, on a different note, we received a very interesting email from Roberta Kenney who was intrigued by Kirsty Fulton’s charity shop discoveries which were featured in our What Are You Stitching? segment in All Stitched Up! issue #241:

Roberta Kenney

‘What a treasure trove! The three cross stitch roses at the bottom of the photo remind me of Gerda Bengston’s Danish designs from the 70s.’

Cross stitch designs found by Kristy Fulton from All Stitched Up! issue #241

‘Some of the early members of our EGA group stitched them and I have done the pink rose which is buried among my finished pieces to be framed. This may result in a clue to finding who did the beautiful work.’

Thank you to everyone who wrote in this week. We love to hear from our readers in response to any of our articles, so please drop us a line if anything has inspired you, reminded you of something or given you reason to ‘Have Your Say’! You can email us at news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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