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24th January 2020

We start the conversation this year with a quick thank you from one very satisfied stitcher and then hear about some ideal stitching sanctuaries that will have you doing a little blue sky dreaming as you contemplate how you’ll retreat with needle and thread in 2020.

A Thank You

In All Stitched Up! issue #212 HERE Margaret was hoping we could point her in the direction of the instructions for a piece of Hardanger she’d found on Pinterest. Well, point you did, and Margaret couldn’t be more thankful!

‘A huge thank you for your assistance in helping me source the Hardanger pattern I was looking for. I am now the proud owner of Mary Hickmott’s New Stitches Magazine which includes the specific pattern I was trying to locate. Your newsletter recipients are a wealth of knowledge and your help was invaluable! I always look forward to reading your newsletter over a quiet cup of tea.’

Stitching Retreats

After sharing Coni Rich’s ‘Stitcherspringa’ in All Stitched Up! issue #214 HERE, we encouraged the Inspirations Community to share their ideal stitching sanctuary and share you did once again! Prepare to be inspired by the first installment of retreats that will have you clearing your calendar to ensure you enjoy a little ‘Stitcherspringa’ of your own whether it be at home or abroad…

Bette Kelley

‘My ideal stitching sanctuary would be staying at home with no phone, someone miraculously appearing to let the dogs out when necessary as well as feeding them, someone leaving good food for me to enjoy at appropriate times and making the dishes magically disappear!’

Billie Jo Tucker

‘If I’m going to be able to get away for stitching then I want to do it right! That means several days to a week with nothing impinging on me as a must-do, have-to or should-have-done. There would be no guilt, no reminders or voices in the background to push my buttons. 

It would be just me with hoop, threads, a delightful design and, of course, some munchies!

But most of all, time – time to stitch as I please no matter the time of day or night. The only background noise would be the sound of needle and thread as it brings to life a precious design that’s been on hold for far too long.’

Debra Somontes

‘For me, I think I’d love my stitching retreat to be a seven-day cruise where one could join others in groups or simply stitch solo on the deck. There would be vendor fairs to browse new products and daily shows displaying our stitching as if in a museum or where the artwork could be bought and sold. 

We would relax and think of new designs and ideas and attend forums where these can be shared with others. There would be daily fitness programs specifically designed for stitchers that would help us with longevity of needle and thread. All these programs would part of the cruise package and there would be traditional cruise programs available for spouses and children who accompany the stitcher. 

It would of course have to be affordable for those of us with families or especially those of us on fixed incomes – perhaps scholarships, grants, or specialized loans could even be made available to help pay for it?!’

Helen Rowland

‘Several years ago, when my husband wanted to move nearer the ocean, I bargained for my stitching room. Now that my husband suffers with dementia, I can retreat to my room for hours at a time while still being near him. It has become a life saver for me! 

My husband really enjoys seeing my latest creation in the making and I sometimes even include him in the color selections. Once a week several friends join me in my room to stitch and bond. My husband looks forward to seeing them and receiving their many hugs! I feel very blessed by my many friends, the world of stitching and also really look forward to your weekly emails.’

Bette, Billie, Debra and Helen, your ideas have inspired us to start planning our ideal retreat and we can’t wait to see what next week’s installment will add to our growing itinerary!

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