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13th December 2019

In All Stitched Up! issue #212 HERE HERE Margaret was hoping we could point her in the direction of the instructions for a piece of Hardanger she’d found on Pinterest. Well, point you did indeed!

We thank everyone who joined in on the conversation, and with responses too many to publish individually, we hope you’ll find the following helpful…

Ann McGuchan

‘The design originally appeared on a blog with the address sew-in-love.blogspot.com in Sep ‘16. The author of the blog does not offer any clue as to whether it is her design or a pattern. Hope this helps! From another ardent Pinterester.’

Elizabeth Smith

‘I suggest Margaret looks at  Nordic Needle’s website, located in North Dakota in the USA. If not the exact pattern, they have several similar.’

Roberta Kenney

‘Abi from The Stitch Specialists has designed Hardanger patterns and this resembles one of hers that begins with the basic square set on the diamond shape, with the smaller squares having been added to the perimeter. It might even be easy enough to graph the pattern by starting with the building blocks of Hardanger that make up the center of the design.’

Susan Mickey

‘Love the weekly email, with everything stopping until I read it! I would recommend that Margaret have a look on the Facebook page of Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread as someone had a similar query earlier this year.’

Elizabeth Braun

‘I have all the information Margaret needs to locate that Hardanger pattern she’s set her heart on working, as I stitched the piece she found on Pinterest!

The reason she couldn’t find any more details is that it’s a cut down and adapted version of an out of print pattern.

The original is by British designer Mary Hickmott and appeared in issue #119 of her own magazine, 'New Stitches', which is much missed.

The article was a pair of scatter cushion covers called ‘Ice and Lemon’. I used selected parts of the design (as you can see on my blog HERE.)’

‘The magazine Margaret needs is currently listed on eBay by a UK seller, item number 233247398412. If that doesn’t work for her, I’m sure Mary Hickmott herself would be happy to help out. She can be contacted via her Etsy shop MaryHickmottDesigns where she still sells several of her charts. Hope that’s helpful! All the best from wet and windy Yorkshire.’

Well, not only have we managed to point Margaret in the exact direction of where to find the pattern she’s looking for, but we’ve also been able to build up quite the guide as to where to find similar pieces should we ever be looking for them!

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