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4th October 2019

After recently publishing our 200th issue of All Stitched Up! HERE, we received quite a few responses, a couple of which left us blushing!

Beverley Parker

‘I could not let this milestone go by without sending my congratulations to the mighty team at Inspirations and All Stitched Up! on your 200th issue. Your motto – ‘our team is very small, but we are mighty’ – that indeed you are! 

You certainly are mighty to be able to come up each week with such an amazing and inspirational newsletter that keeps us up to date with some of the world’s most beautiful needlework and much more. You never cease to inspire.

I so look forward to every Friday as the newsletter is like a dear friend popping into my inbox with boundless goodies to feast upon.

It is the highlight of my week! We all must have a passion, and thankfully my passion is embroidery, as it brings so much joy and takes me to places beyond where I could ever imagine. 

Keep up the great work ‘Team Mighty’ at Inspirations – and here’s to your next milestone – issue #300. It is such a privilege to be part of your community.’

Lesley Duance

‘Congratulations on your 200th edition of All Stitched Up! Having all 200 of them in my inbox, a little groan can be heard occasionally as the weight of them becomes a bit too much for my computer to bear, but then I can hear a quiet, soothing lullaby as I think about the content they hold.  

I have known some of the contributors personally and would love to pay tribute to a very fine embroiderer from your early days – Annie Humphris. She was a treasured friend, embroiderer and teacher, missed by many, especially in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.’

‘Evergreen’ by Annie Humphries from Inspirations Magazine issue #36

Beverley and Lesley, we love that we have the privilege of being part of your stitching journeys and count it a joy to share our love of needle and thread with you each week. Our small, but mighty team pour a significant amount of effort into everything we do, and it makes it all the more worthwhile when we know it’s so well received. Thank you for being part of our family and for taking the time to share such lavish praise!

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