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29th June 2018

As we continue to relish the ‘in-between’ we find ourselves in before the launch of Inspirations #99, we thought we’d pick up where we left off last week and keep unpacking some of the conversations we’re yet to share. This week we point you in the right direction if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in London or Turkey and hope someone in the Inspirations Community can point Pat in the direction of a needlework shop or two for her upcoming trip to Belgium.

London | Anne Lockett

‘For those stitchers visiting London, I can recommend the Fashion & Textile Museum located at 83 Bermondsey Street, just near London Bridge Station. It is a small museum which has some interesting exhibits & classes.’

Images courtesy of doitinlondon.co.uk, tripadvisor.com & englishgirlathome.com

Turkey | Dima Santina

In Issue #126 of our newsletter (HERE) Dima started a conversation about her upcoming trip to Turkey. Since returning home, Dima has documented some of the details of her time abroad that will be of interest to all needle and thread enthusiasts, the details of which can be read on her blog HERE.

Images courtesy of Dima Santina

Bruges | Pat Taylor

‘As a long time reader of Inspirations, I always enjoy reading where stitchers are traveling to and everyone’s suggestions as to where they can shop whilst they’re there. Now it’s my turn to ask a question! We are going to Bruges in Belgium and I am interested in finding a shop in the area that specialises in all things needle and thread. I’d appreciate any suggestions from the wonderful family of stitches all over the world.’

Images courtesy of Studio Koekoek & steemit.com

We hope you’re lucky enough to find your way to the Fashion & Textile Museum in London or to one of Dima’s ‘Turkish Delights’ and if you’re able to point Pat in the right direction for her upcoming trip to Bruges, email news@inspirationsstudios.com, we know Pat would love to hear from you!

Just before we finish Have Your Say for this week, a most useful quote to remember from a Dutch Embroidery Teacher courtesy of Joke Koolschijn…

‘If it can't be the way it should, then it should be the way it can.’

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