Have Your Say

3rd May 2019

When conversing with others, sometimes we make statements and other times we pose questions. This week’s Have Your Say has one of each – another simple way we’re celebrating the concept of diversity!

Val Ursulak

‘I love your online newsletter and note that your readers give hints as to where one can find great stitchery shops around the world. I will be taking a coastal cruise along the west side of Norway right up past the Arctic Circle in May and would especially like to know of any Quilt Shops along that route. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration each week!’

Sandra Hartley

‘I really enjoyed your newsletter article about Anna Scott’s Lyrebird in issue #180 HERE. Even though I lived in Victoria until I was 12, I had not heard a lyrebird going through his collection of songs and sounds. In January 1988 or 1989 my husband and I were staying in Wilson’s Promontory. We took our son, who was then about 13 or 14, and his cousin as we hiked from Tidal River to Roaring Meg and camped for the night. We settled into bed quite early. I was amazed to hear many, many different bird calls – one after the other.’

Fine Feathers by Anna Scott | Inspirations issue #101

‘I was finding it hard to believe that we could be hearing so many different bird calls all in the one place. We then heard a motor bike which was not allowed in the area where we were camped. It was then that I realised that what we were hearing was in fact a lyrebird singing all of his bird calls plus a motor bike! It was a very special moment that I have not thought of in many years. Thank you for the article and the subsequent reminder.’

We always love it when the Inspirations Community joins in on the conversation, so if you’re able to answer Val’s question or have a statement of your own you’d like to make, please email news@inspirationsstudios.com

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