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22nd June 2018

As we relish the current in between we find ourselves in, we’re making the most of the time these few weeks afford, so we thought it was a great time to start unpacking some of the conversations we’re yet to share!

Deruta Sfilato | Carolyn Githens

‘I thought I would share this photo of the corner of embroidery on a supper cloth given to me as a wedding present in 1966 by a very dear relative who died twelve months ago, aged 101.’

‘While she didn’t do the embroidery herself, it is a very treasured possession and I was thrilled to see another example of this type of work, Deruta Sfilato, in issue #97 of Inspirations Magazine. Until now, I had never known what to call this style of embroidery, although I was aware that it was Italian in origin as my cloth & accompanying serviettes indicate that they were made in Italy exclusively for David Jones.

Thank you for your wonderful magazine - I look forward to its arrival, and spend many happy hours browsing through the contents.’

Etuis | Julia Broughan

‘I have been collecting sewing etuis for years and store them in an old typeset drawer.’

‘Recently I covered it with acrylic to keep the dust off, but unfortunately the acrylic slid into the track and it is now close to stuck!’

‘Thankfully I started this collection long ago as the cost of these is now well above my price range.’

Oslo | Lesley-Anne Read

‘I am going to be in Oslo for a few days in June / July and hope some of your readers can recommend some specialist embroidery shops.’

If you have a conversation you’d like to start, or if you’re able to point Lesley-Anne in the right direction for her upcoming trip to Oslo, we’d love to hear from you! Email news@inspirationsstudios.com

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