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21st December 2018

We were hoping to finish our Spring Cleaning before Summer arrived and yet here we are with more conversations to share than we can possibly fit into a single newsletter! That aside, read on as we share the next instalment of what the Inspirations Community have had to say…

Robyne Leaney

‘On a recent holiday to Croatia, I stumbled upon the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage Celebration that celebrates the traditional handwork in the quiet village of Pučišća on the island of Brač. What amazing good fortune for me! A lovely young lady – Darka – took time out from her stitching, acted as my interpreter and showed me what everyone was making, including ladies in regionally specific traditional clothing and someone crocheting with four hooks!’

Robyne, what good fortune indeed! Not only was your visit to Pučišća perfectly timed to indulge your love of needle and thread, but the generosity of Darka to give of her time was more than you could have hoped for.

Rebecca Fletcher

‘Thank you for putting out your informative and inspiring newsletter. After enjoying your newsletter for free, I subscribed to the magazine a few months ago. I look forward to receiving them both. You always supply wonderful historical and cultural information which greatly enhances the patterns.’

‘After first reading about chatelaines in issue #51 of the newsletter, I then recognized the chatelaines that were depicted in a book of Albrecht Durer’s woodcuts. I’m sending you the pictures just for fun, because I thought you might enjoy seeing them. The two images are of The Birth of Mary and The Visitation.’

Rebecca, what an incredibly keen eye to spot the chatelaines in the woodcuts of Albrecht Durer! We appreciate you sharing them with us and for your support in subscribing to the magazine.

We look forward to unpacking more of your conversations when we return in 2019, and in the meantime if you have something you’d like add, please email news@inspirationsstudios.com, we look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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