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8th June 2018

In Issue #138 of All Stitched Up! (HERE), we talked about the seasons and how their arrival can sometimes dally.

Well, what a difference a few short weeks can make!

For those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere, we are no longer relishing the seemingly never ending sunshine and warmer weather that was somewhat uncharacteristic of this time of year and we are now reaching for a jacket and umbrella as we leave the house each morning. But those of you in the Northern Hemisphere would know that the end to your very long winter has indeed hastened and spring has finally sprung.

Again, we thank Jette for an update on the seasons in her place of stitch…

‘You were so kind to show a winter picture of my garden at Easter in Issue #138. Now in the last half of May it is so beautiful! We have had summer temperatures the whole month and my wisteria is at its peak. I enjoy very much sitting on my terrace embroidering while I smell the sweet flavor. I love it so much I even made one in miniature. I hope one day I will be able to make an embroidery of it too.’

Jette, we love the creativity you’ve brought to recreating your favourite season and place to stitch in miniature and can’t wait to see the embroidered version!

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