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2nd November 2018

In All Stitched Up! #161 we talked about routines and asked you to share some of your stitching routines with us. We were fascinated by the many ways in which the Inspirations Community schedule their time with needle and thread and we thought we’d share them with you in the hope you might find an idea or two that you’ll add to your own stitching schedule!

Annamaria Kelly | South Africa

‘Embroidering for me is a passion. I have many embroideries in my home from decorating walls to furniture. As I work during the day and I teach embroidery on weekends twice a month, I usually embroider in the evenings and on weekends. I simply cannot sit watching TV without something in my hands!

When my students don’t do any embroidery and confess to not picking up a needle during the holidays, I am exactly the opposite. I even remember sitting in Sardinia at the pool some years back, embroidering away while my husband was at a medical conference, and I heard this twittering behind me. I looked back and there were about ten Sardinian ladies looking over my shoulder admiring my work. None of us could understand each other but their admiration of my embroidery was enthralling. They had never seen 3-dimensional embroidery before – no English, but we understood each other.

I am the first one to encourage someone to do embroidery to relax and destress and just enjoy such a lovely pastime. It is relaxing, satisfying and a great achievement at the end of the project.

Anything is possible if you love something you do. Happy stitching everyone.’

Ann Martin | New Zealand

‘For me, I find spending a couple of hours each evening my way of calming down after a busy day. Right now, my husband is making supper while I stitch the binding on a musical themed quilt for my 9-year-old grandson.’

Dawn Bagnetto | USA

‘I thought it would be fun to let you know about my non-routine approach to stitching! Since I am blissfully retired, I stitch whenever I have a minute or two. I am blessed to have a dedicated stitch room and can leave my projects out with needle threaded and then just park in my comfy chair in the spur of the moment. Some days I can stitch early in the morning and other days may not even get one stitch done, but knowing it is always available is fun.

My project list and WIPs seems to grow each day, especially when my Inspirations Magazine arrives and another project gets added to the list! I have done several projects from this wonderful resource - it truly is my inspiration.

Patty Offenberg

‘I’m retired, so depending on the project, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday are set aside for knitting. While every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are Needlepoint days. That leaves Sundays free for either technique. I will sometimes swap my days or even devote five days to needlepoint if I’m creating Christmas gifts.’

Stacy Reaves | USA

‘My daughter is a figure skater, so every morning we get up at 5am for 6am ice time before school! During her 2-hour practice session I stitch. There are not many parents there that early, so I get a quiet ice rink to stitch and begin my day relaxed.’

Jamie Cerda | USA

‘My stitching routine has served me well as I work an hour from home and have to commute to and from work each day. I started, when my now adult children were young, at the end of each day by announcing to everyone that I am going to stitch, so ask me now if you want anything because once I start everyone is on their own! I stitch for one or two hours during the week and a little longer on Saturday and Sunday once all the cleaning and laundry is completed so I can stitch in peace.

Stitching is my de-stressor.’

Annamaria, Ann, Dawn, Patty, Stacy and Jamie, we love that you gave us an insight into how you schedule time for needle and thread and we look forward to unpacking more conversations about stitching routines in next week’s issue of All Stitched Up!, so stay tuned!

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