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18th December 2020

One of the joys of embroidery is that there are so many different techniques to try. Although we all have our favourite techniques, there is something particularly thrilling about trying something new for the first time.

This is why we’ve brought Yvette Stanton’s book ‘Early Style Hardanger’ back in stock, ready for those of you out there who are looking for your next challenge.

Whether you’ve never done Hardanger before, or you’re a modern Hardanger specialist, this book will offer you something new.

Yvette is an expert in many whitework techniques, and in this book, she introduces Hardanger as it was traditionally worked in Norway where the technique first developed.

The book is packed with detailed instructions and gorgeous, traditional projects. It is also filled with Yvette’s unequalled knowledge which she has gained over her years of embroidery. Even if you’ve tried Hardanger before, you’re going to love the delicate results which traditional Hardanger produces.

As the perfect companion to this book, we also have available specially dedicated Hardanger scissors to ensure that you can accurately cut your threads even on the finest of linen. 

With an angled tip, designed to get into the hardest to reach corners and razor-sharp points for snipping individual threads, these scissors are the perfect accessory to have on hand as you enjoy Yvette’s book.

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Early-Style Hardanger


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