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31st January 2020

At the beginning of a new year, it’s not uncommon to find many of us finalising our resolutions, goals and dreams for the year that lies ahead.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, there are probably some, if not many, of these intentions that have already fallen by the wayside even though we’re only a month into the new year!

David Hieatt from Do Lectures recently unpacked some thoughts that might just help us get back on track with what we’d originally set out to achieve in 2020.

Whilst he acknowledges that our desire for change is honest, the ‘tool’ of willpower we use to achieve the change is somewhat lacking. In fact, like a muscle not often used, it can tire just at the point we need it the most!He suggests we make use of a simple habit calendar that can be downloaded HERE.

Why a habit calendar? It works on the theory of loss aversion, that when teamed with our willpower, increases the odds of us accomplishing our resolutions.

What is loss aversion you may ask? Well, most simply it’s encapsulated by the term ‘losses loom larger than gains’, as it’s been shown that the pain of losing is psychologically twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining.  

Therefore, if we decide upon the habit we’re trying to incorporate into our daily life (stitching anyone?!), hang the calendar in a visible place and mark an ‘X’ on the calendar each day we practice the habit, we won’t want to risk leaving a square blank and will therefore find the motivation to keep going no matter our how weary our willpower may be.

We think it might just be worth a shot and would love you to email news@inspirationsstudios.com and share the New Year’s resolutions your habit calendar is helping you achieve. We can’t wait to see photos of your habit calendars filling with x’s and hear about the habits you’re marking off day by day! 

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