Grandiflora by Julie Kniedl

31st August 2018

It’s been said many times over that needlework is a wonderful storyteller. Looking at the work of a fellow stitcher can reveal a lot about their interests, their passions and even their personality. Looking more broadly at a collection of needlework across someone’s lifetime provides further fascinating insight into their journey and often documents the different seasons in one’s life.

These observations have taken on a much more personal meaning for us here at Inspirations, when last year we learned of the passing of designer Julie Kniedl. Julie was only part way through her own incredible needlework journey when her time here on earth ended unexpectedly, yet we have since discovered her stitching legacy has many, many more stories to be told.

Grandiflora from Inspirations issue #99 is one such story we have the pleasure of telling on Julie's behalf.

This beautiful three-dimensional white magnolia is an amazing, life-like replica of the sculpturally elegant ‘magnolia grandiflora’ whose origins date back to 1759, and, translated from Latin, simply means ‘big flower’.

While we've featured several of Julie's projects before, here we see how her stitching evolved - for the first time she elevates the realism by incorporating an actual tree branch into the piece.

During her continual quest for achieving perfection, in Julie’s latter designs she began incorporating real elements of nature with tremendous effect.

As such, in the requirements list for Grandiflora, we’ve added ‘17cm (6 ¾”) forked dry wooden branch’ as an element among the supplies needed to create the project. The instructions also explain how to prepare your branch and how to attach the stitched flower and leaves to the branch, which is done by drilling two small holes and looping thread in and out until firmly fixed. The buds are then secured in place by drilling an indent into the end of a branch and using glue, affixing the wire into the drilled hole.

For some this may mean stepping out of your comfort zone a little when it comes to the final construction, but we can assure you the end result is magnificent! Grandiflora is a wonderful example of combining traditional techniques of stumpwork with the contemporary approach of three-dimensional stitching to create a lasting representation of this graceful flower.

Make Your Own Grandiflora

Step 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

Grandiflora by Julie Kniedl is a beautiful three-dimensional magnolia.

Printed Magazines

Inspirations Issue 99

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Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch Kit for Grandiflora includes almost everything (excluding the tree branch!) you need to re-create this stunning magnolia: Fabrics (unprinted), wool felts, beading wire, embroidery threads, ribbon and needle.


Grandiflora – i99 Kit

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